Rohit Royposted the most adorable anecdote of Kareena Kapoor

So i have know thi sgirl since the time she was 14. whats amazing is that since then,
she has become the biggest star in the film industry has seen  but she hasnt changed a bit. the same down to earth, no nonsnse yet effervescent gilr knew.
hardly meet her now but whenever i do, i am transported to that day when 4 is us drove back in my car ( i was so worried it would stall) from mehboob studio under the worst mumbai
deluge i had seen up until hten and reached her house to find it flooded.
what followed next was the image which has stayed with me. armed with buckets and mop cloths, the 4 of us were busy mopping up the floor before karishma reached home. She still continues to be that little girl in spite of being the diva ( comes quite naturally i must add) she is
regared as!! God bless u Bebo and i hope u continue to ramain that little gilr always. PS even her marriage to a prince didnt change her into some ladi dah. U know why? choz she was always a little princess to begin with!

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