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Watch Kriti sanon Nupur Sanon With Family Lunch in Mumbai

Watch Kriti sanon Nupur Sanon With Family Lunch in Mumbai 

Kriti Sanon completed 10 years in Bollywood

 #KritiSanon : my absolute favorite actress & my forever favourite HUMAN BEING


10 years of living her dream, 10 years of facing challenges and coming back stronger, 10 years of playing on-screen characters that somehow resonate her and somehow are poles apart from her...

Kriti Sanon for Elle India cover April 2024

"A fashion icon in her own right, she sets trends and turns heads with her impeccable style and effortless grace, inspiring others to embrace their unique fashion journey. 👗💫 #KritiSanon #kritisanonhot #FashionIcon

Kriti Sanon Shares Glimpses of Kashi Visit

  • Kriti Sanon Shares Glimpses of Kashi Visit
  • #KritiSanon shares glimpses of her visit to Kashi with #RanveerSingh and #ManishMalhotra.☀️
  • Kriti Sanon , Ranveer Singh and Manish Malhotra went for Kashi Visit.

Kriti Sanon latest Airport Snaps

  • Kriti Sanon busy with her latest movie CREW Promotions.
  • Kriti Sanono was spotted at airport to paparazi.

Watch Kriti Sanon Sizzling in Pink Saree

 Kriti Sanon Sizzling in Pink Saree.

#KritiSanon stuns in a red and black checkered look


Taking “Gulaab” a bit too seriously. Kriti Sanon

  •  Kriti Sanon in Gulaab Saree for her latest movie promotions.
  • Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor starrer new movie promotions.

Kriti Sanon received the Golden Visa

  •  Kriti Sanon received the Golden Visa from ECH Digital CEO Iqbal Marconi.
  • Expressing her gratitude, the actor remarked, “It’s an honour to receive the UAE Golden Visa.
  • Dubai has a special place in my heart, and I look forward to being part of its vibrant cultural landscape.”


 Kriti Sanon latest Instagram photos

#KritiSanon At #DoPatti Wrapup Party

However, if Kriti Sanon attended a "Do Patti Wrapup Party," it's likely to be a celebration marking the conclusion of filming or production for a project, possibly a movie or a television series. Such events are often organized to bring together the cast and crew to celebrate their collective efforts and achievements.

Kriti Sanon, an accomplished actress in the Indian film industry, is known for her versatility and impactful performances. Attending wrap-up parties is a common practice in the entertainment industry, providing an opportunity for the team to unwind, share anecdotes from the filming process, and build camaraderie.

These gatherings often generate media attention, and fans eagerly await glimpses of their favorite stars at such events. If there were any notable highlights or fashion statements by Kriti Sanon at the "Do Patti Wrapup Party," it would likely be covered by entertainment news outlets and shared on social media platforms.

For the latest and most detailed information about Kriti Sanon's appearances and events, I recommend checking recent news articles, social media updates from Kriti Sanon's official accounts, and entertainment news platforms.


Vision in White - Kriti Sanon Latest Photos


Kriti Sanon latest HELLO Magazine Photo Shoot

 Kriti Sanon latest HELLO Magazine Photo Shoot

Kriti Sanon at Manish Malhotra Diwali Party

Kriti Sanon Arrives for bollywood Designer Manish Malhotra Diwali Party.

Param Sundari Kriti Sanon looking like a stunner in this gorgeous blue saree! 😍💙 Attending the Manish Malhotra Diwali party

#KritiSanon arrives for #ManishMalhotra’s Diwali party.

Gorgeous #KritiSanon at #ManishMalhotra's Diwali bash