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Mouni Roy latest Stunning Photos


Love letters from the archives x - Mouni Roy latest Latest

 Love letters from the archives x - Mouni Roy latest Latest

Disha Patani Sets Internet on Fire

 Disha Patani Sets Internet on Fire with Her latest Instagram Photos.

Her Bestie Mouni Roy Loved it.

Bollywood Besties on Thailand Vacation

 Bollywood Hot beauties Disha Patani and Mouni Roy currently on Thailand Vacation.

Both are enjoying each company and having fun in thailand beaches.

Disha Shared few Photos of their Vacation.

Mouni roy Back Less Dress at Restaurant Launch Party


Mouni roy Back Less Dress at Restaurant Launch Party.Dazzling in gold, Mouni Roy turns heads in a breathtaking backless dress.

Mouni Roy's restaurant second outlet launch party added an extra layer of glamour and sophistication to an already star-studded event. 

Disha Patani at Mouni Roy's Restaurant 2nd Outlet Launch Party

 In a star-studded event that shimmered with glamour and glitz, Mouni Roy, the renowned actress and entrepreneur, celebrated the launch of the second outlet of her upscale restaurant. The launch party, held at the heart of the city, was attended by several Bollywood celebrities, and stealing the spotlight was the stunning Disha Patani. Known for her impeccable style and charismatic presence, Disha Patani added an extra layer of allure to the already dazzling affair.

The Arrival:

Disha Patani, draped in an ethereal ensemble, made a grand entrance at Mouni Roy's restaurant. The actress turned heads as she stepped onto the red carpet, showcasing a blend of sophistication and contemporary fashion. The paparazzi were in a frenzy to capture every moment of Disha's arrival, and she effortlessly stole the show with her radiant smile and grace.

Fashion Statement:

For the occasion, Disha Patani opted for a chic and trendy outfit that perfectly complemented the celebratory mood. She chose a sleek, floor-length gown that accentuated her slender figure. The dress featured intricate embellishments and a stylish slit, adding a touch of glamour to the overall look. Disha accessorized minimally, letting the outfit speak for itself, and her choice of accessories reflected her keen sense of style.

Makeup and Hair:

Disha Patani's makeup was on point, highlighting her natural beauty. A subtle smokey eye, well-defined brows, and a nude lip palette accentuated her features, while her radiant skin glowed under the camera flashes. The actress styled her hair in loose waves, cascading down her shoulders, creating an effortlessly chic look that perfectly complemented the glamorous ambiance of the event.

Celebrity Interactions:

As one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry, Disha Patani was seen mingling with other celebrities present at the event. Candid moments captured her engaging in light-heated conversations, sharing laughs, and posing for pictures with fellow Bollywood stars. The camaraderie between Disha and her colleagues added an extra layer of warmth to the star-studded affair.

Disha's Special Moments:

The highlight of the evening was when Disha Patani joined Mouni Roy on stage to congratulate her on the successful launch of the second restaurant outlet. The two actresses shared a genuine moment of camaraderie, expressing their excitement and joy for the new venture.

Disha Patani's presence at Mouni Roy's restaurant second outlet launch party added an extra layer of glamour and sophistication to an already star-studded event. The actress, with her impeccable style and radiant persona, effortlessly stole the spotlight and became the talk of the town. As the evening unfolded, it became evident that this celebration was not just about the launch of a new restaurant but also a gathering of Bollywood's brightest stars, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Watch Mouni Roy latest Stunning Photo Shoot

Mouni Roy latest Stunning Photo Shoot | Mouni Roy photo shoot.

Watch Mouni Roy Snapped her best Friend Birthday Party


Bollywood Hot bee Mouni Roy snapped at her best friend birthday party last night.

Mouni Roy Sizzling in her outfit.

Mouni Roy Heartful Birthday Wish to Disha Patani

The Recent Close mates Mouni Roy Sent a beautiful Message to her bestie Disha Patani on her birthday.

Mouni Roy took Social Media and sent a message.

"My beautiful ninja warrior, you are a true embodiment of beauty inside and out, with a smile that can brighten even the dullest of days. Your energy and infectious positive are like a breath of fresh air, bringing joy to all those around you.

D, your journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. You've overcome obstacles and pushed boundaries, inspiring countless hearts along the way. So proud of your accomplishments and cannot wait to witness the wonders you'll continue to achieve.

But amidst all the success and achievements, what truly makes you special is how simple you are. Whether we're exploring the aisles of a shopping mall or simply enjoying each other's company doing absolutely nothing, every moment spent with you is pure joy.

In such a short span of time, we have forged a bond that feels like it has been nurtured over a lifetime. Your kindness, loyalty, and genuine love have touched my heart in ways I never thought possible.

So, today, lemme raise a toast to the incredible woman you are. May this birthday be a reflection of the beautiful soul you possess. May your path continue to be illuminated by the love and blessings that surround you. And may your life be filled with endless laughter, adventures & cherished memories. Here's to another year of dreams coming true, smiles that light up the world, and a friendship thats special but Real. Ily x


Reply to this Disha Patani replied to Mouni Roy "I love you🥹 thank you for being you and making it soo special ❤️🫶🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️ You’re the QUEEN🌸✨"

Disha Patani and Mouni Roy along with Akshay Kumar and Nora Fatehi recently Went for a USA Tour.

Both Disha and Mouni are very Closed on this Tour.

Day by Day their friendship has become Stronger, and Spotted each other in recent events.

Mouni Roy New looks for Cannes 2023-#Cannes2023

Bollywood Sizzling beauty Mouni Roy News looks at on going #cannes2023 film festival in Italy.

#MouniRoy’s new looks for #Cannes2023 is everything and more.

Mouni Roy enjoyng her vacation at Firenze, Italy

 Bollywood Actress Mouni Roy currently enjoying her vacation at Firenze Italy.

She was a company with her Husband hand Friends.

She Shared some beautiful Photos from Italy.

Disha Patani and Mouni Roy at and Iftar Event


Entertainers Disha,Mouni and Stebinben Reunite

 After the #Entertainers Tour earlier this year, #DishaPatani, #MouniRoy and #StebinBen reunite at #Jio event last night!

Mouni Roy at Style ICON awards