Why Deepika Padukone Didnt Give hug to Ranbeer Kapoor

Well We heard that Ranbeer Kapoor and deepika Padukone are reuniting for not a film, but for a Fahion Ramp Walk. Walk for Manish Malhotra at Mijwan 2018.

Bollywood Fans feels pleasure if they come together, they been a good friends after they break up happed.Yesterday, they came together for Galaxy of Stars event where they even danced on YJHD and Tamasha’s songs. It looked all hunky dory but then we checked out the behind the stage pictures and realised, something looks a bit weird here. But there is picture of the Two looking a bit Akward in each others company.

So Ranbir meets Karan Johar and Deepika. The actor then hugs the actress in a manner of greeting. Instead of returning the gesture, Deepika’s hands are locked behind. She doesn’t make any attempt to hug him back, although at one moment she does extend a hand for a sideways hug. We wonder if it was just a coincidence or was she actually feeling a bit awkward while hugging Ranbir. We are asking this because once inside, they looked like long lost friends. Check out the pictures right here…

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