Madhavan’s directorial debut ‘Rocketry got Oscar 2023 contention list

 South Indian actor Madhavan was exited for ROCKETRY for getting Oscar 2023 nomonation list.

Rocketry The film has now entered the 2023 Oscar contention list.

Talking to media, Madhavan in an interview on January 10 told that he had given his all to the movie and now feels a sense of gratitude and excitement as the movie is selected to be in the 2023 Oscar contention list. Also speaking about the movie, Madhavan said that he wanted everyone to recognise scientist Nambi Narayanan and added that he never thought that ‘Rocketry’ would be the film that would make him do the role of a writer, an actor, director and producer as well.

‘Rocketry’ starred Madhavan and Simran in lead roles and the music for the movie is composed by Sam CS.


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