What do you think of Mira Kapoor New Collection?

So beautiful... So elegant.. so perfect!! Mira Kapoor New Favorite Collection.

Do you all remember the times we would plan our outfits for a Friday night on Wednesday after a group call with the girls and spend hours getting ready..

Fast forward to styling, hair & makeup and photo shoots.. I really miss the thrill and joy of doing everything myself, especially because I enjoy discovering makeup and I’m pretty good with my hair (somebody once challenged me to iron my baby hair with my eyes closed.. and I’m never one to reject a challengešŸ˜‰)

So last night I decided to go back to a true DIY.. soft & subtle just the way I like.. and nothing like a quick Portrait mode burst.

What I absolutely love most is selecting jewellery for I really feel it reflects one’s mood and lifts an outfit. I spend much more time finding the right accessories till it feels just right. Jewellery for me isn’t about what’s trendy, but far more personal. A simple tanzanite and polki Victorian style set from @amrapalijewels was my pick (I wore similar earrings the last time I wore this sari) and a tanzanite and rosecuts ring from my personal collection.


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