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Adah Sharma sizzling Yellow Saree

 Adah sharma who acted in few telugu movies Sizzling in Yellow Saree.

Adah Sharma Poses With Different Emojis on Word Emoji Day

Tollywood Actress  Heart Attack Fame Adad Sharma took instagram and shared some poses with Emojis on World Emoji Day.
What's ur fav emoji? in the comments
Which emoji do you use the most ?
I made up the foot in mouth one would be very useful 🀭
2) is the ghost one I use a lot and my favvv is the πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© shit emoji which i thought was chocolate softie icecream for years ! And I still use it whenever I need to say I feel like eating chocolate
Radha should be an emoji herself ! She has so many expressions
My pile of pop/faeces doesn't look so cute btw I've checked. #areyougrossedout #worldemojiday #thesearemyfirstdateconversationsandiwonderwhyitnevergoestotheseconddatelol

Adah Sharma Bed Room yoga Poses

Adah Sharma Look Stunning in Saree Wear

Tollywood Actress Adah Sharma is look Stunning in White Transparent Saree, Looks like After Batch and Drying her Hair near Window.

Adah Sharma Look Stunning in Saree Wear
Image Courtesy: Twitter

Adah Sharma in Red Hot Dress Revealing Her Beauty

Adah Sharma made her fans Eye Feast with her latest Red Salwar Kamiz

Art of Red Rose @adah_sharmaπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯✌️✌️✌️#  adahsharma #adahkiadah #Adhasharma @Weekendmacha #weekendmacha #weekendmachameme #weekendmeme
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Adah Sharma at Amezon Filmfare Curtain Raiser

Adah Sharma Window Side Photo Shoot in Red Off Shoulders

Adah Sharma latest Window Side Photo Shoot. She Was in Red Off Shoulder Frack. Her Poses for the Shoot are Stunning.

Kirak Poster wish her a great future.

Adah Sharma latest photos

Aadha Sharma All set to Burn the Stage

Adha Sharma  All set to Burn the Stage at IIFAUtsavam Green Carpet 2016