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Ameesha Patel reacts to false allegations

 Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel reacts to false allegations in cheating case, says 'the event was so badly organised, I feared for my life'

A Social worker raised a complaint against Ameesha Patel for Cheating.Ameesha charged a huge amount for a show but only did an ‘extremely brief’ performance. 

The complaint comes in the wake of Ameesha’s appearance at Navchandi Mahostav 2022 in the Khandwa district. As per reports, Ameesha had taken Rs 4 lakh for a one-hour appearance but allegedly left the venue after three minutes. Ameesha took to her social media handles and wrote that she attended the event but it was so “badly organised” that she feared for her life. She wrote, “Attended the Navchandi Mahostav 2022 yesterday 23 rd April in Khandwa city ,Madhva Pradesh … v v v v badly organised by Star Flash Entertainment and Mr Arvind Pandey .. I feared for my life but I want to thank the local police for taking care of me v well ..”

After the complaint, Ameesha issued a statement that read, “Contrary to reports doing rounds about me cheating a social worker, let me clarify, I attended the Navchandi Mahotsav in Madhya Pradesh on 23rd April 2022. The event organized by Star Flash Entertainment and Mr. Arvind Pandey was so badly organized that I feared for my life. I was never supposed to perform at the event, it was only an appearance that I fulfilled. However, when I reached there I realized that the organizers were playing dirty, things seemed fishy and I was not okay with them. I feared for my life, and I am thankful to the local police who helped me leave from there safely when they saw that all the proof was in my favor. Incidents like these put a question on humanity, but I am glad that good people also exist in this world.”

Ameesha patel Sizzling Goa Vacation Photos


Ameesha Patel with Sunshine Drink


Ameesha Patel Shares Bad experience in Bihar elections

 Bollywood Actress Ameesha Patel shared a weird Experience in Bihar Elections Campaign. She Was campaigning fro LJP candidate Prakash Chandra in Bihar. Ameesha Patel apparently does not have any relation with Prakash Chandra but she has been to the campaign.

She revealed the experience while campaigning, She was threaten, “It was a nasty experience. He misused my presence. I could have been raped and killed.” she revealed.

Ameesha Patel wishes Speed Recovery for Amithabh Bhachan

Bollywood Actress Ameesha Patel took Instagram and Shares a speed recovery for Amithab Bhachan Who Got Positive for Covid 19.
Few Days Before Amithab Bachan got Positive for Covid 19.  Along With Him His Son Abhishek Bachan, Aishwarya Rai bachan and Aradhya Bhach Got Positive.
Mrs Jaya Bachan only one who Got negitive for Covid 19 in Bachan  Family.

Ameesha Patel Took Instagram and Wrote "No no no no ... this is just the worst news .... wishing the GOD of our industry and the legend we love and worship @amitabhbachchan JI the speediest speediest recovery .. prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻"

Ameesha Patel latest Sensational Off Shoulder Photo

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Ameesha Patel Refreshing Coconut Water in Sweltering Heat

Bollywood Star Ameesha Patel Refreshing with Coconut Water in Hot Summer.

Bollywood Actress Ameesha Patel Dressed up for Rocking Saturday

Ameesha Patel All Dress up and Ready for Zoom Chat.

Ameesha Patel Style of Staying Hydrated

Amisha Patel Kirak Standing Poster 04-May-20

Bollywood Actress Amisha Patel in stunning Sleeveless Black Top
Image Courtesy: Instagram

Ameesha Patel Fond of Muder Mysteries in Quaratine

Bollywood Actress Ameesha Patel Perfectly Planned to Get Over conrona Pandamic. she exptressed her Love on Reading books specially Murder Mysteries.
she recently Posted on her Instagram.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Travel With Books in Corona Lock Down days

Ameesha Patel the bollywood Actress who is active in social media account. In Corona Lock Down  she Daily posting her activity.

 recently she was laying on sofa and reading a book.  Saying "Books allow us to travel to different parts of the world by remaining in the same place .. (something Soo appropriate given the current scenario) BE SAFE .. STAY HOME and don’t loose faith and hope"

Ameesha Patel Sending Positive Vibes in Green outfit

Ameesha Patel Looking Down from her balcony to empty Roads in a green out fit. 

Ameesha Patel Clapping on Janatha Curfew

Ameesha Patel Fire in Red Hot Dress

Ameesha Patel is one of the fabulous actress in Bollywood. she has given many super duper hit movies.

Currently she not doing any bollywood films. She will Active in social media specially in Instagram, where she post her regular Activity, like Events, photoshoots, and home pics.

She latest posted a pic in Red Transperent T shirt which is revealing her beauties.  Fans are saying ameesha patel is on fire in Red.


Amisha Patel Sunday Wall Pic

Amisha Patel with White Top and Black casual Pant with Black Gogols Leaning to a wall Posing for Sunday.

Amisha Patel fans Most Hi Alert Photo

కహోనా ప్యార్ హాయ్ తో బాలీవుడ్ లో అడుగు పెట్టినా  భామ అమీషా పటేల్, తన ఫస్ట్ మూవీ తో నీ బ్లాక్ బస్టర్ హిట్ కొట్టింది.
తరవాత బాలీవుడ్ లో కంటిన్యూస్ గ నటించి , కొన్ని ఇయర్స్ నుండి బ్రేక్ తీసుకుంది. 
అవకాశాలు రాకపోవడం వల్లనో లేదా తాను బ్రేక్ తీసుకుందో, బాలీవుడ్ కి మాత్రం అమీషా దూరం అయ్యి చాల సంవత్సరాలు అవుతుంది. 

తన ఇంస్టాగ్రామ్ లో ఫాన్స్ కి కనువిందు చేసేయ్ పోస్ట్లు పెడుతూ ఫాన్స్ కి దగ్గరగానే ఉంది. 

రీసెంట్ గ సోషల్ మీడియా లో తన ఒక ఫోటో షేర్ చేసి ఫాన్స్ గుండెల్లో కలకలం రేపుతోంది ఈ అమ్మడు. 
బ్లాక్ ఆఫ్ షోల్డర్ స్కర్ట్ లో తన యధా అందాలు చూపుతూ, తన మొహాన్ని కురులతో దాచుకుంటూ దిగిన ఫోటో ఫాన్స్ మతి పోగొడుతుంది. 

Amisha Patel Black Off shoulders Photo Shoot

Bollywood Actress Amisha Patel FHM Photo shoot

Bollywood Actress Amisha Patel FHM Photo shoot

Amisha Patel in Aakatayi Song Teaser

Amisha patel a wel know bollywood star and tollywood actress who acted in Pawankalyan Badri,Mahesh Babu Nani and NTR narasimha movie.She has been not seen for some time in bollywood movies.After a long gap of time she done a item song in a telugu movie called Akathayee.
This is the Aakatayi Song Teaser.Akatayi movie starting news actor and actress Aashish Raj and rukshar mir