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Kannappa Teaser out now

The teaser for "Kannappa" is now out, generating excitement among fans and the film industry. "Kannappa" is a highly anticipated film that has been in the news for its intriguing premise and notable cast.

The film is likely based on the legendary devotee Kannappa, who is revered in Hindu mythology for his unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva. The story of Kannappa is one of sacrifice and deep faith, making it a compelling narrative for a film adaptation.

Here are some key points that might be highlighted in the teaser:

Visual Spectacle: The teaser likely showcases impressive visuals, giving a glimpse of the film's scale and grandeur. This could include elaborate sets, period-accurate costumes, and striking locations that bring the historical and mythological setting to life.

Star Cast: The teaser might introduce the main characters and highlight performances by the leading actors. This helps build excitement and curiosity about their portrayal of such iconic roles.

Action and Drama: Given the mythological theme, the teaser probably includes glimpses of intense action sequences and dramatic moments, hinting at the film's emotional and narrative depth.

Music and Background Score: The teaser is expected to feature a powerful background score that enhances the mood and atmosphere, setting the tone for the epic story.

Director's Vision: The teaser might also reflect the director's unique vision and storytelling approach, giving audiences a sense of what to expect in terms of style and execution.

Releasing the teaser is a crucial step in the film's promotional campaign, aiming to generate buzz and anticipation ahead of its full trailer and eventual release. Fans can look forward to more updates, behind-the-scenes content, and promotional events leading up to the film's debut.

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Nupur Sanon Was out from #KANNAPPA movie

Manchu Vishnu prestigeous New movie #KANNAPPA  was started with Pooja Ceremony few Weeks Back.

The Leading Lady in KANNAPPA Nupur Sanon Was out from #KANNAPPA movie Nupur Sanon Was step down from the Projects.

Nupur Sanon is not able to adjusting her Dates.

Vishnu Manchu Took Social media and Confirmed that Nupur Sanon was out from the project.

He Wrote "Sad to announce that lovely @NupurSanon had to step down from #Kannappa due to scheduling conflicts. We'll miss her, but the hunt for our new leading lady begins! Sending Nupur our best wishes on her other commitments. Hope to work with her in the near future

Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned for updates! 🎬🌟 #Kannappa"

Manchu Vishnu New movie Launch Event KANNAPPA

  • Manchu Vishnu New movie KANNAPPA launch Event in Hyderabad.
  • Manchu Vishnu unveils his dream project KANNAPPA.
  • Produced by the iconic #mohanbabu garu, directed by #MukeshKumarSingh, this movie promises to be a cinematic marvel in the making.
  • After a long break Manchu Vishnu doing this project.
  • #Avaentertainment #24FramesFactory are banners.
  • Nupur Sanon is playing female lead in the Movie.
  • Nupur Sanon is a younger sister of popular bollywood actress Kriti Sanon.
  • Nupur Sanon already debuting in tollywood with TIGER NAGESHWARA RAO movie starting Raviteja.

Habibi lyrical video out now choreography by Jhani Master

 Payal Rajput featuring Habibi lyrical song was out now. Palyal took Instagram and posted the news.

" Habibi Is out now ..This song I hold so dear to my heart &I will be thankful to Kannada industry for rest of my life .Plz check link in story and bio ."

Habibi Song choreography by Jhani Master

#GINNA teaser launch on 9th September.

 Manchu Vishnu, Sunny Leone and Payal Rajput upcoming telugu movie GINNA teaser launch on 9th september.

Manchu Vishnu wished Sunny Leone a very Happy Birthday

 Manchu Vishnu wished Sunny Leone a very happy birthday. Manchu Vishnu , Sunny Leone and Paayal Rajput are working in telugu movie.

Manchu Vishnu took Instagram and Wished her "Many happy returns of the day dear @SunnyLeone ! Wishing you loads of happiness and strength dear Mommy Bear"

Manchu Vishnu Shared Original Gangsters


Telugu Film Mossagallu First Poster Released

Latest Telugu Film Mossagallu starting Vishnu Manchu and Kajal Agarwal.e  Tomorrow is the kajal agarwal birthday. On the Occasion of her Birthday, Movie Team released first look poster.

Viranica Manchu Finally Came Inda After 100 Days

Mohan Babu Daughter In Law and Manchu Manoj Wife Viranica Manchu Came back to India from Singapore after 100day in Singapore.

She Revealed on her Twitter and thanking Air India, High Commissioner and #Vandebharatmission.
"Finally going home after 100 days in Singapore. #vandebharatmission
Thank you
 for the exemplary effort in taking us home. AI Singapore team was extremely wonderful & helpful!
High commissioner
 and your entire team, thank you so much!

Image Courtesy: Viranica Manchu Twtter Account

Manchu Vishnu Lights for India Against Corona

Tollywood Hero Manchu Vishnu Lights a Candle, As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Lights on for 9 minutes,

He says "One Country, One heart beat. We are in this together. We shall overcome. Jai Hind! "

Manchu Vishnu Erra Bus Releasing today Poster