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Mangalavaaram movie Streaming on Hotstar now

  •  Payal Rajput Starrer latet movie Mangalavaaram ( Telugu)
  • MANGALAVARAM telugu movie is now streaming on.
  • The Blockbuster thriller everyone was waiting for.
  • #MangalvaaramonHotstar Streaming Now in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada only on #DisneyPlusHotstar.
  • Payal Rajput acting was awesome. Payal Rajput did fabulous job All the best for your future career and make ur parents proud.

Paayal Rajput latest orange Saree Photo Shoot

 Paayal Rajput Shared some series of photos of her latest orange saree photo Shoot.

Payal Rajput goes backless again


Image Courtesy: Payal Rajput Instagram Photos

The tollywood hot Sensation Payal rajput Goes backless again. Payal posted a recent Photo in her Instagram which is sizzling and stunned Fans.

#PayalRajput raising the hotness quotient

 #PayalRajput raising the hotness quotient

Payal Rajput Reacts on her latest Braless Malfunction


RX 100 Girl Recently done a braless photoshoo which is lead to severe trolling by netizens. In recent photo Shoot payal went braless and suffered a wardrobe malfunction.
She immediately deleted the Video, later she subjected to heavy criticism.

Payal Rajput says that she is a sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable person who gets affected by things like these. “My family has also been affected by these trolls and memes, My mom asked me to come back home but I told her that I am strong enough to deal with this and not let myself give in to the attack of faceless people,” she said in an interview.
Payal Rajput says that it is just a nip slip and finds fault with people showing it as a scandal instead of normalizing it. She also mentioned that the comments on social media made her wonder if she has something that the other women don’t have.
Payal Rajput expects that people should appreciate actors for facing such incidents with confidence and grace and calls the online trolls as ‘disgusting.’
Currently, Payal Rajput is shooting for her Tamil film in Mauritius and she is also a part of an upcoming Telugu film, starring Aadi Saikumar.

Click Here for Payal Rajput Photo Shoot

RX 100 girl Payal Rajput goes braless with grace

 Telugu movie 'RX 100' actress Payal Rajput has gone bra less in her latest photo shoot. 

The 'Venky Mama' and 'Disco Raja' actress is seen sporting a glossy yellow outfit. 

Wearing a yellow blazer and shorts, the beauty is sassy. 

The actress is looking more glamorous than she does in films. 

Payal Rajput latest Photo Shoot


Throwback Photo From RX 100 Movie Stills


Payal Rajput Weekend Vibes


Kirathaka First Look Posters

 Aadi Saikumar and Payal rajput Starrer "KIRATHAKA" first Look Poster Released. Actress from the Movie Payal Shared the poster through social media.

"Sharing first look of my upcoming telugu movie “KIRATHAKA”

Super excited to explore thriller genre Clapper board

On floor from Aug 13th onwards.













Payal Rajput inaugurates Kasam Fashion Mall at Warangal.

 Payal Rajput inaugurates Kasam Fashion Mall at Warangal.

Payal Rajput Denied rumors on Big Boss 5

 RX 100 Fame Payal Rajput denied the rumors of participating in Big Boss Season 5 Telugu.

Season 5 Big Boss will start soon, buzz going on Who are the Participants for this Season. Lately Bhumika Chawla name on the board. but the Actress denied.

Recently another actress on the list to denies the rumors. 

Pagay Rajput denied She posted, "I’m not going to be a part of Big boss 5 telugu . It’s a fake news… it’s a humble request plz don’t drag such rumors!"

Payal Rajput also recently dismissed the rumors of doing an item song in a big movie.

Payal Rajput latest Kirak Posters in green Sari


Watch Payal Rajput in blue outfits at Pool Side


Payal Rajput with Samantha Ruth Prabhu at Bigboss4 Weekend War

Payal Rajput made special Appearance in Bigg Boss 4 Weekend Dussehra Special

Payal Rajput latest Photo shoot in Gym Wear

Payal Rajput Done with household chores

Due to Covid 19, Every thing was Lock Down. Celebrites are doing Some Crazy things, like cooking, Dancing, paintings, cleanings etc...
RX 100 Fame Paayal Rajput took his time and Cleaned her Celing Fan with her Style. Wearing a blue Denim short and White sleevless top and doing her Cleaning make fans crazy.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Payal Rajput Pillow Made Yellow Dress

చక్కనమ్మ చిక్కిన అందమే, ఎం చేసిన అందమే మరియు ఎం కట్టుకున్న అందమే అన్నట్టు, RX 100 భామ పాయల్ రాజపుట్, ఇంట్లోనే ఉంటూ కొత్త కొత్త గ ఆలోచిస్తూ తన Quarantine  డేస్ ని గడుపుతుంది.  మొన్న తన ఇంస్టా  అకౌంట్ లో తనం పాప్పీస్ ని ముద్దు చేస్తూ ఫొటోస్ పోస్ట్ చేసింది.

ఇప్పుడు తన బెదురూమ్ లో ని ఒక పిల్లో ని ఒక  డ్రెస్ లాగా డిజైన్ చేసుకొని ఫాన్స్ కి డిస్ప్లే చేసింది.

అస్సలే అందం, ఆపై పిల్లో లో ఇంకా అందం. ఫ్యాన్ ఈ ఫోటో చూస్తూ క్రేజీ అయిపోయారు.

Payal Rajput in Pillow Dress
Image Courtesy: Instagram

Payal Rajput with her Cute Puppies

RX  100 భామ  పాయల్ రాజపుట్ Quarantine  డేస్ ని చాల చక్కగా వినియోగించుకుంటుంది.  తన క్యూట్ పుప్పిస్ తో ఫొటోస్ దిగి తన ఇంస్టాగ్రామ్ అకౌంట్ లో పోస్ట్ చేసింది.