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When you’re in your feelings? Shubhangi Atre

  •  Confidence and Elegance on point!...nobody does it better than you Subhangi
  • Shubhangi Atre latest Instagram Photos.
  • Bhabhi jii just looking like wow.
  • Angoori bhabhi ye kya ho gya apko...... 😱...... Bharbhuti ji ne saha kaha tha tiwari ji ko ki ladki hath se nikl gyi.
  • Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful as always.

Bhabiji Ghar Phar Hai Fame Shubhangi Atre Stunned in Black Saree

 Popular Television Actress Shubhangi Atre, Fame in Bhabiji Ghar Phar Hai comedy Serial stunns every one in black Saree.

She Made a Video and posted in her Social media Account.

Shubangi Atre fans are poured compliments on her Social Media Account.

Beautiful smile dear looking absolutely stunning so gorgeous in saree

My all time favourite sahi pakde hai bhabhi ji 

Million dollar smile 

Mesmerizing beauty

Monsoon rains

And cloudy sky

Infront you 😍

Like a wonderful

In this way..

Weather is awesome and you come on

Having a great time

The nature aswam

Nature and beauty together

My my dear Shubhangiji looking so so beautiful and goergous in black saree aap ki ye pic ne to samundar ki sundarata me char chand lagadiye aap sundarata saree jo Adhik khil jati hai tariph sabdh kam pad jayate dear lost 🥰 of love Dear aap ne to mere man ki tamanna Puri kar dhi black saree pic post kar thanks for dear beautiful pic list of love stey bless you.

Shubangi Atre Fresh and Vibrant Photos from IG

 Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Fame actress Shubangi Atre latetest Instagram Photos Looking so fresh and vibrant.

Look deep into Nature,then you will understand everything better..

'BHABIJI GHAR PAR HAI' fame Shubangi part ways with her Husband

 Super Hit Television Show 'BHABIJI GHAR PAR HAI' fame actress Shubangi Atre parted ways with her Husband after 19 years of their marrage.

After 19 years of marriage, Shubhangi Atre has split up with her spouse Piyush Poorey. 

A month had passed since the couple had parted ways. 

The two eventually decided to separate ways so they could focus on their happiness and jobs because they thought they couldn't resolve their issues. #shubhangiatre #angooribhabhi #bhabhijigharparhai