Keerthy Suresh Penguin Movie Review

Mahanati Keerthy Suresh latest Movie Penguin movie has been promoted on digital plotforms from the past Week.
Ever since the trailor of the Penguin released the past few weeks and made the audience curious to watch the thriller.
Due to Lock down the Movie is not released on theatres.  Penguin Movie Released on OTT plotform today (19th June 2020)
Penguine Movie Released on Amazon Prime.
Getting Into the Story
The movie revolves around the pregnant woman ( Keerthy Suresh), whose elder son Ajay got missing for long six years. It is believed that Ajay has been kidnapped by the criminal who wears the mask of Charlie Chaplin and kidnaps other kids too. Sometime later, Rhythm finds a major clue and wants to deal with it alone.
Actress Keerthi Suresh delivers a solid performance. She played the role very well as a distraught mother and she is the life of the film. The story set up well and the first 30 to 40 minutes are quite intriguing. The film got beautiful visuals, elevating background score. Music and Cinematography departments have done a pretty good job.


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