When Dimple Kapadia thinks Akshay Kumar Was a Gay

The Bollywood Super Star and Action Hero and Twinkle Khanna are the Best Bollywood Couple Ever. 

When they first time appeared in the Talk Show of Mr Karan Johar, She reveald some Thoughts of her Mother about Akshay.

Before Getting married Twinkle  revealed that they were sitting together on the couch at home and Akshay Kumar was doing acupressure for her mother’s friend’s back.

Dimple Kapadia the Mother of Twinkle Khanna told her that she needs to tell her something about Akshay Kumar once he leaves.

Dimple Khanna told Twinkle that Akshay is gay.

She said that she literally fainted after listening to this. Dimple Kapadia has a kept a Condition for their Mar rage that , They want to live together for a year before getting married.

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