Massive Explosion At Lebanese Capital, Beirut

Massive explosion recorded in Lebanon. #beirutblast

Explosion shockwave propagates through #Beirut sky

This is a massive compression wave.

The color of the smoke (orangish) is telling. Likely some type of nitrogen oxide.

The lingering cloud points to a chemical accelerant that didn’t completely detonate.

Further evidence of an accident, as opposed to an attack.

Hundreds of civilians people are injured & mass-casualtues expected, during on-going political event & #Coronavirus #COVID19 pandemic.

We are shocked by the massive explosion that has rocked #Beirut, Lebanon. Destruction of this scale is horrific.

We pray for the city of Beirut and all those who lost their lives in this tragedy. #BeirutBlast

#Beirut: Explosion happened at a fireworks factory. Lebanon govt says the number of injured is very high but no deaths have been reported so far.


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