Cold Case Movie Review : a horror investigation thriller

 Malayalam Movie Released in OTT today Movie Review

directed by debutant Tanu Balak and starring Prithviraj and Aditi Balan in the lead roles. 

Written by Sreenath V Nath, 

Cold Case is shot by Gireesh Gangadharan.

A crime thriller, spun around a horror setting, the film involves the investigation of a complex murder by a journalist, Medha Padmaja (Aditi Balan) and ACP M Sathyajith (Prithviraj). The crime that has shaken the entire state affects Medha’s life as she moves to a new rental house that has a demonic possession. What happens when both try to unravel the mystery and where it takes them forms the rest of the plot.

Cold Case is technically ace and gets you involved with its fine making and moving screenplay. Among the best things about the film are the details and the scientific nuances. The writer has sunk his teeth into the forensic and the scientific processes that help dissect a case. Kudos to that effort.


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