Allu Arjun Sukumar Pushpa trailer out Now

 Allu Arjun and Sukumar Combo High Voltage Mass Feast Pushpa telugu movie trailer out Now

The trailer starts off with a voice over regarding red sandalwood smuggling in Seshachalam forests backdrop. 
Allu Arjun’s makeover, his dialect, and the presentation are elite. He nails the Chittoor dialect. “Pushpa ante flower anukunnara… FIREE,” dialogue stands out. 
The Mass Feast begins from 17th December, the trailer states. 
The background score and the visuals are of top notch quality. The support cast is bang on point. They look sharp. 
Allu Arjun and Sukumar seem to have come up with a full-blooded action thriller for their hat-trick film. The grandeur and the larger than life action are exceptional. 
The trailer sets the stage for the promotional material that is to follow and it has the right kind of intensity. 
Pushpa: The Rise arrives in theaters on the 17th of December. The film is helmed by Sukumar and funded by Mythri Movie Makers.


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