Read DJ Tillu Telugu Movie Review

 DJ Tillu telugu movie starting Siddhu Jonnalagadda , Neha Shetty , Prince Cecil , Bhramaji, directed by Vimal Krishna, is releasing today (12th Feb 2022)

Story Analysis:

When the trailer for 'DJ Tillu' was released earlier this month, youngsters among the audience made up their minds to watch the film ASAP. The dialogues seemed whacky, while Tillu's characterization seemed insane in a welcome way. Does the film live up to the expectations?

The answer is an unqualified yes. A lot of you might be told that the second half is slow and things like that. To cut to the chase, let it be said that perfect crime comedies are as rare as hyper-logical thrillers. We have to judge a crime comedy by two parameters in the absence of great films being made: Is the comedy enjoyable? Are the characters behaving consistently? On these two counts, 'DJ Tillu' is a winner.


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