Is Janhvi Kapoor dating Orhan Awatranami?

Rumours are Spreding fast in bollywood that is Janhvi Kapoor Dating Orhan.
This buzz emanated largely after Janhvi Kapoor was seen leaving from a party on the evening of Sunday, August 21, 2022. 
However, this was not the first time Orhan Awatramani was spotted with Janhvi. 

The duo were seen together many times before this, but tongues started wagging only after August 21.

Orhan was seen with Sara,Nyasa and Janhvi.

As per Latest Film News Source Janhvi and Orhan have never been in love. "They have never had romantic feelings for each other. Orhan and Janhvi are poles apart. Yes, they are friends- but that's all that is to it," says their common friend.


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