Actress Thejaswini Sharma all set to debut in Sandalwood.

 Actress Thejaswini Sharma is all set to debut in Sandalwood  in Likith Shetty and Kushee Ravi’s romantic comedy, directed by Vinayak N.

Thejaswini, who will also be seen in English Manja, tells us, “I play the role of a make-up artist Preethi, an energetic girl. Likith Shetty will be completely stuck between me and Kushee Ravi. 

My role carries comic relief," reveals the actor who had done comedy in web-series Super Couple but this is the first time she will be in doing it in films.

She further adds, “Likith approached me about the character first, and I felt the role was tailor made for me. The story thrives on three characters - Likith Shetty, Kushee Ravi and I,” signs off Thejaswini, who also has suspense thriller Mary in the making.


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