Vimala Raman Turned 42 and Revealed exited news

 Popular Malayalam actress Vimala Ramana who turned 42 yesterday and celebrated her birthday with family and loved ones.

Vimala Raman also Hinted that she is in relation with Vinay Rai.

and both have been spotted together several times. However, Vinay's participation in Vimala Raman's birthday celebration and the actress captioning the picture as "My family" has confirmed the romance between the duo. We can soon expect an official confirmation from he couple on their love life.

Vinay Rai and Vimala Raman acted together in the 2011 English 3-D science fiction disaster film 'Dam 999'. Vimala Raman paired up with Vinay in the film as she played the actor's love interest in the film and it was a controversial film in India. But it's when it all started developing between the duo and they have been good friends for over a decade.


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