Vicky Koushal Prised her Wife on 'Be A Man' Show

Bollywood Actor Vicky Koushal Prised her Wife bollywood Actress Vicky Koushal on TV Show 'BE A MAN'.

He Said 

"Vicky appeared on We Are Yuvaa's Be A Man Yaar episode. When asked about wooing Katrina Kaif, he said. “I had trouble coming to terms with that reality that I can. Those factors were never the reason why I fell in love with Katrina. When I to know the human side of her, I fell in love with her. When I got to know her, I was fully in love with her, and I knew that I would want to have her as my life companion. Nothing else matters. First, I used to feel odd getting attention from her. I used to be like ‘Heh? Are you okay?’ Not that I wasn't giving a lot of attention, it was mutual. For me also, being from the outside and not knowing her as a human being, she was a phenomenon. She still is. It’s just that the human side also added.”

“Shuru shuru me obviously lagta tha ‘Why me? (initially I used to question too)’ but she is a lovely human being,” added Vicky who went on to heap praises on his wife. “She is very compassionate towards the people around and the environment, that for me is the biggest turn-on for me, always,” he continues. He revealed that their relationship began after he asked her out for dinner over text. But, was Vicky sure about Katrina saying yes to him for marriage? He answered, “No, the thing is in our courtship it didn’t reach a stage when it was suspense, if I ask her for marriage, it might be a yes or a no. We just knew from the beginning that this is extremely serious. We are in this to look for something permanent and we had that understanding.”


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