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Kantara Completed 100 Days

 One of the most blockbuster movie and most loved indian movie 'KANTARA' crossed 100 days in Hindi, releasing in October 2022.

'Kantara' released in Hindi on October 14 stunning the Bollywood industry.

Today, taking to social media, the makers of 'Kantara' and Rishab Shetty expressed their gratitude as 'Kantara' (Hindi) completes 100 days. They wrote, “We are ecstatic to share that #Kantara in Hindi, depicting the traditional folklore, has completed 100 days. We express our deep gratitude to the audience for their unwavering support."

Kantara movie has qualified for the Oscars

 #Kantara  has qualified for the Oscars contention list for Best picture (Main) and Best Actor category

Hero of Kantara movie Rishab Shetty shared news on twitter.

"We are overjoyed to share that 'Kantara' has received 2 Oscar qualifications! A heartfelt thank you to all who have supported us. We look forward to share this journey ahead with all of your support. Can’t wait to see it shine at the  #Oscars #Kantara 

@hombalefilms   #HombaleFilms"

Kantara will be streaming on OTT from nov 24th (Telugu)

The Latest Sensation of Period Action thriller "KANTARA" will be streaming on ott from Nov 2th 2022. 

Kantara written and directed by Rishab Shetty.

Kantara film Was released in theaters on September 30, 2022.

The story of "Kantara" is set around a small community living in the woodlands of Kaadubettu in the southern coastal state of Karnataka. Weaving an interesting plot of human versus nature conflict, where death leads to war between villagers and evil forces and Shiva, a rebel defends his village and nature.

#Kantara has 33 shows scheduled for tomorrow (2nd Friday)

 In the History of #Sandalwood No Kannada movie in its Kannada version ever had more than 25 shows in Mumbai on its second Friday.

#Kantara has 33 shows scheduled for today (2nd Friday).

It's on te way to be Highest Kannada grosser ever in Mumbai (Only Kannada version). 

#Kantara - one of the recent best cinematic experiences 🔥👏

#Kantara last 30 mins 🔥 cinema at its peak 👏


 deserves national award for that magnificent 30 minutes 🔥 G.O.A.T LEVEL ACTING.

Cast performance, making, bgm, DOP 👏