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Kollywood Hero Vijay and Trisha Starr er latest movie LEO will be streaming on OTT platform NETFLIX.

 LEO streaming on NETFLIX from 24th November 2023.

 Digital Premiere Of Industry Hit #Leo Movie Will Be Streaming On 24th November In India And 28th November In Globally

Available Languages : Tamil (Original) Kannada Telugu Malayalam Hindi Audios 

#ThalapathyVijay #Trisha #SanjayDutt #LokeshKanagaraj #LCU 



#LEO First half - Extraordinary so Far🔥

- #ThalapathiVijay Performance elevated into peak level❤️‍🔥

- Every Action Blocks leaves an Goosebumps 👊💥

- A surprise block and Interval block was Highlight🤩

- If the second half goes with the same level.... going to Sureshot BLOCKBUSTER 💯

- All set for exciting second half 

With Outstanding 1st Half & GOOD 2nd Half #Leo turns out to be a TERRIFIC FILM Overall….. 

4 Action scenes and last 20 mins takes over all other negativity from the film, take a bow #LokeshKanagaraj…

#ThalapathyVijay owns LEO, he is absolutely in a mood to DESTROY records…. Destruction GUARANTEED.

Other supporting cast adds more spice and strength to the film, brilliant execution, strong action….. Has more than 10 - 12 Clap-worthy scenes…. 

I agree 2nd half needed 10 mins trimming but its ok….Not that bad as some are saying… Trust me…. Watch it…. You all will like  it… I LOVED IT…. 

 #Vijay #Trisha #SanjayDutt #Thalapathy.

 #Leo is another Triumph for Tamil Film Industry. 

This #LokeshKanagaraj Directorial is Exciting - Engaging- Entertaining. First Half is Superb with several brilliant high points [ Cafe Action Scene, Vijay’s Entry & Interval Block ].. Second half is also action packed, bit slow but quite engrossing. 

Last 20 mins especially the Car Chase Sequence & Climax are the major highlights. Dont miss the last scene which’ll get THUNDEROUS RESPONSE from LCU fans . 

#ThalapathyVijay delivers a Phenomenal performance, he shines in both emotional & action sequences. Director Lokesh presented him in a way which is a full of  MASS & CLASS.

Overall #Leo is a Supreme entertainer which’ll break many box office records. In Hindi also it’ll do very well despite not releasing in National Chain Multiplexes.

Leaving out the agenda group and gold coin receivers, #Leo gets unanimous NEGATIVE response from general audience all over the world.

Trisha With Her mom at LEO Screening

Pictures of Trisha who is at Rohini Siver Screen fro LEO movie Screening with her Mom and Family and Friends.

LEO Starting Vijay and Trisha released today.


 KEEP CALM AND AVOID THE BATTLE Watch out.. #LeoPosterFeast will unveil stories, one poster at a time