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India Celebrating National Girl Child Day

 India is celebrating National Girl Child Day on Monday (January 24).

National Girl child is an initiative undertaken by the ministry of women and child development with an objective to provide support and opportunities to the girls of India.

Raise Awareness among people in Inequalities , Discrimination,exploitation faced by the girls in society.

Pre-primary students attending the first day of school after its reopening in Dadar, Mumbai, on Monday.

Image Courtesy:(Anshuman Poyrekar/HT Photo)


Sania Mirza officially confirmed her retirement

 Indian Tennis Female Star Sania Mirza officially confirmed that she is going to retire from tennis.  She Announced after her first round lost in women doubles mactch on going Australian Open 2022.

Sania Mirza said, “There’s a few reasons for it. It’s not as simple as ‘okay I’m not going to play’. I do feel my recovery is taking longer, I’m putting my 3-year-old son at risk by travelling so much with him, that’s something I have to take into account. I think my body is wearing down. My knee was really hurting today and I’m not saying that’s the reason we lost but I do think that it is taking time to recover as I’m getting older,” said Sania on Wednesday.

After the loss, Sania also added, “Also for me to find that motivation everyday to come out. The energy is not the same anymore. There are more days than there used to be where I don’t feel like doing that. I’ve always said that I will play until I enjoy that grind, the process which I’m not sure I’m enjoying as much anymore.”

Image Courtesy: Sania Mirza Instagram


Country gears up for Festival of Lights

  Country gears up for Festival of Lights

Diwali will be celebrated on November 4 this year. 


Macaulay education system Destroys India

 Please Read Full Article

The first school in England opened in 1811 . At that time India had 732000 Gurukuls. 

Find out how our Gurukul got closed.
How did Gurukul end.

First will tell you what were taught in Gurukul culture. (in the Sanatan culture) !  
Most Gurukul taught the following subjects.

01 Agni Vidya (Metallurgy)
02 Vayu Vidya (Flight)
03 Water Education (Navigation)
04 Space Science (Space Science)
05 Prithvi Vidya (Environment)
06 Surya Vidya (Solar Study)
07 Chandra and Lok Vidya (Lunar Study)
08 Megh Vidya (Weather Forecast)
09 Substance Electric Education (Battery)
10 Solar Energy Vidya (Solar Energy)
11 Day/ night vidya
12 Srishti Vidya (Space Research)
13 Astronomy
14 Geography knowledge (Geography)
15 Kal Vidya (Time)
16 Geology Education (Geology Mining)
17 Gemstones and Metals (Gems & Metals)
18 Attraction Vidya (Gravity)
19 Prakash Vidya (Solar Energy)
20 Vidya (Communication)
21 Aircraft Vidya (Plane)
22 Jalayan Vidya (Water Vessels)
23 Agneya Astra Vidya (Arms & Ammunition)
24 Biology Sciences (Zoology Botany)
25 Yagna Vidya (Material Sic)
* This is the talk of scientific education. Now let's talk about professional and technical education!*
26 Commerce (Commerce)
27 Agriculture (Agriculture)
28 Animal husbandry (Animal Husbandry)
29 Bird Keeping (Bird Keeping)
30 Animal Training (Animal Training)
31 Yan Machine (Mechanics)
32 Chariot (Vehicle Designing)
33 Ratankar (Gems)
34 Gold Car (Jewellery Designing)
35 Clothing Man (Textile)
36 Pottery (Pottery)
37 Blacksmith (Metallurgy)
38 Takkas
39 Dying (Dying)
40 Khatwakar
41 Rajjukar (Logistics)
42 Architect (Architect)
43 Cuisine (Cooking)
44 Chariot (Driving)
45 River Manager (Water Management)
46 Indicators (Data Entry)
47 Cowshala Manager (Animal Husbandry)
48 Garden Tents (Horticulture)
49 Forest Pal (Horticulture)
50 Measured (Paramedical)
All this education was taught in Gurukul, but with time, when Gurukul disappeared, this knowledge also disappeared! Today, the future of the youth of our country is being destroyed by the Macaulay method. 
The redemption of Gurukul is needed in today's times.
How did Gurukul end in India? The introduction of Convent education ruined Gurukuls. Indian Education Act was formed in 1858 It was drafted by 'Lord Macaulay'. 
Macaulay conducted a survey of education system here (India), many Britishers had given their reports about India's education system. One of the British officer was G.W. Luther and the other was Thomas Munro! Both of them had surveyed different areas at different times. Luther, who surveyed North India, wrote that there is 97 % literacy here and Munro, who surveyed South India, wrote that here there is 100% literacy.
Macaulay had clearly said that if India is to be enslaved forever, its ′′indigenous and cultural education system ′′ must be completely demolished and replaced with ′′ English education system ′′ and only then will Indians be physically Indians, but  mentally become English.  When they leave the convent schools or English universities, they will work in the interest of English men.
Macaulay is using an idiom - ′′ Just as a farm is thoroughly plowed before a crop is planted, so must it be plowed and brought in the English education system. ′′ That's why he first declared Gurukuls illegal. Then he declared Sanskrit illegal and the Gurukul's of this country he finished it by roaming around setting them on fire, beat the teachers in it and put them in jail.
Till 1850 there were ' 7 lakh 32 thousand ' Gurukul in this country and at that time there were ' 7 lakhs 50 thousand ' villages in India. Meaning every village had an average Gurukul and all these Gurukuls used to be ' Higher Learning Institute ' in today's language. 18 subjects were taught in all of them and these people of Gurukul Samaj used to run these together, not by the king.
Education was given free in Gurukuls. This is how all Gurukuls were abolished and then English education was legalized and the first convent school opened in Calcutta. That time it was called 'free school'. Under this law, Calcutta University was created in India, Bombay University was created, Madras University was created, these three slavery-era universities are still in the country!
Macaulay had written a letter to his father. It is a very famous letter, in it he writes: ′′ These convent schools will bring out children who look like Indians but are English by brain and they don't know anything about their country. They won't know anything about their culture, they won't have any idea about their traditions, they will not know their idioms, when such children are there in this country, even if the British go away, English will not leave this country.′′ The truth of the letter written at that time is clearly visible in this country even today. See the misery created by this  act. We feel inferior of ourselves who are ashamed to speak our high of our own culture.
A society that is cut off from its mother tongue never gets good and this was Macaulay’s strategy! In which almost they have conquered because today's youth knows more about Europe than India. Considers Indian culture not so cool, but imitates western countries. 

Our tradition is a spiritual science, spirituality is the richer science than the science we all know today... 

Learn to live Happily, Lovingly, in Sumruddhi, beautifully. You are born to enjoy life.


Himalayas Visible from Uttar pradesh's Saharanpur Again

Residents of #Saharanpur were in for a surprise when, for the second time in a row, snow-clad #Himalayas were visible from the #UttarPradesh town.

In April 2020 amid the nationwide #lockdown, Saharanpur residents got a glimpse of the stunning sight for the first time in over 3 decades.

For more breathtaking pics - Link in bio/IG story

(Photo Courtesy: Dushyant Kumar via ANI)


Cyclone Tauktae Heavy Rains in Mumbai

 #CycloneTauktae | Heavy rain causes Water logging in different parts of Mumbai


Happy World Photography Day

Today Celebrating World Photography Day. Share your Most loving photo on Kirakposter.


Hashtag Boycott Bollywood Storm in Social Media

The on going Shushanth Singh Rajput case, hit normal people who are supporting Justice for Sushanth singh rajput.
In Social Media #boycottbollywood  got huge response day bay Day.

Recently Sadak 2 trailer was released in Social media. they got One million Dislikes in a quick time.

People of India are now showing their power in social media to support Sushanth Singh Rajput


Prime Minister Modi lights a lamp Lights for India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lights a lamp after turning off all lights at his residence.

India switched off all the lights for 9 minutes at 9 PM today and just lit a candle, 'diya', or flashlight, to mark India's fight against #coronavirus as per his appeal.


Hollywood Singer Adam Sklay Died due to Corona Virus

Popular Hollywood singer and writer Adam Sklay  died due to Corona Virus. Sklay recently Divorced with Wife. He Had two daughters.

He was poEpular with Crazy Ex Girl Friend  Tv Show.


ISKCON served 2,65,400 meals yesterday

ISKCON served 2,65,400 meals yesterday throughout India to help our fellow citizens.

Our kitchens in 17 cities & towns are now live. We are increasing the quantity of meals and new kitchens are being added everyday.

Let's let us all play our part in dealing with COVID-19


Cricketer Pujara Spending Quality Time Quarantine Days

Cricketer Pujara Spending Quality Time Quarantine Days.


Seema Kushwaha, the 'warrior lawyer' who fought for India's daughter

The lady who stood by Nirbhaya's mother, fought for seven long years with determination without charging a penny to see that justice is meted out. #Retweet to give a shout out to Seema Kushwaha, the 'warrior lawyer' who fought for India's daughter.
#YourSpace #NirbhayaJustice


RIP to Doctor Shirin Rouhani who passed away due to Coronavirus

Rest in Peace for Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani who passed away due to Corona Virus. 

Due to lack of medical staff , she kept treating Cornaviris Patients till her last breath. Look closely , she herself is on the IV while treating patients. U would be remembered Shirin !  Rest in peace


6 Dangerous Myths about Corona Virus Busted By WHO

6 Most Dangerous myths about Coronavirus busted by World Health Organization
 Lets Find out What are they

 Myth 1.  The Virus Doesnt survive in Hot and Humid weather.
 Fact: The Virus can be transmitted in any Weather

 Myth2:  You Can Catch the Virus through mosquito Bites.
 Fact:  There is no evidence to Seggest it can be transmitted through Mosquito Bites.Its Spreds in respiratory droplets.

  Myth3:  A Pneumonia Vaccine provides protection
  Fact:  Coronavirus needs its own Vaccine, And Scientist are  Working to Fine one.

  Myth4:  Antibiotics are an effective treatment.
  Fact:  Antibiotics only works on bacteria not Viruses.

  Myth5:  Eating Garlin Could Help
  Fact:  It Might keep people away, But it wont fend off Coronavirus.

  Myth6:  Only old people are at Risk.
  Fact:  Anyone can catch it.

  People with Such conditions such as asthma, Diabetes, and heart Diseases seem more vulnerable to getting severely.
  Protect yourself and others by washing your hands regularly with Soap

  Covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing

  Avioding close contact with anyone who has a fever or cough.

  Follow the public health Advice where you live.


తాటి కల్లు తో కరోనా నివారణ

సహజ సిద్ధంగా ప్రకృతి సిద్ధంగా వచ్చే తాటి కల్లు  తో కరోనా వైరస్ ని నివారించే లక్షణాలు ఉన్నాయి అంటూ ఎయిమ్స్ వైద్య బృందం గుర్తించింది. 


Pandya Brothers Celebrating Holi

Pandya Brothers , Krunal Pandya and Hardik Pandya Celebrating Holi Festival of Colors.


PT Usha raises Rs 20 lakhs to Run School For Athletes

Former one of the Greatest Women Athlets  of India PT USha  Queen of Indian Track and field. came up with an initiative of establishing ‘Usha School of Athletics’ in 2002. She started this school because she wants to train young athletes with an intention of winning Olympic Medals for India.
She offers free training, shelter and food for the budding young talents.


Umngot river Famous for crystal clear water

"Umngot river" in Dawki Meghalaya, Famous for crystal clear water, You can See the Bottom of River Clearly.

As You can See it's Look like Boat is Floating In the Air.

India is Rich with So many Incredible Destinations Which You Can't Imagine Really Exists.